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Will I Make More Money Selling In Summer?

January 8, 2018 | By Reece Homes Team

Our team loves questions. Regardless if they are long and in depth, one sentence, ones that have an A-C outline of sub-questions...we love them all!  Seriously. LOVE.  Because we enjoy sharing what we love with you, our fabulous clients and friends, we thought that every other week we would highlight the best question that we were asked of us.  These questions come directly from emails, phone calls and conversations with our peeps, so if you've got one you're holding on to - ASK IT! Please. We want you to.

Award winning, mind blowingly good question:
Question from Potential Seller: Will I make more money selling my home in the summer?

Equally awesome answer:

The short answer to this is (drumroll please...) probably not.  Surprised?

Here is the thing, in the Puget Sound area our market is a bit of a bell curve.  In the slower months, there”s often less inventory which means higher demand for the homes that are on the market. As the year goes on, more and more sellers jump in, increasing the inventory and giving buyers more options of homes to choose from. More options for them means possibly less money for you, even though public perception is that the market is “hotter” than it was earlier in the year.

But wait, you say.  Aren’t there fewer buyers for those few homes listed during the winter months?  Logic says fewer buyers=lower price for their home, right?      

This is one of those areas where logic forgets to factor in the human emotion aspect of our market.  Right now, due to low interest rates, extremely low inventory and increasing prices year over year there are still plenty of buyers that are obsessively watching their in boxes for new homes to view.  These buyers aren’t messing around & have no plans to wait until summer when they assume they will have even more people to battle against to get their dream home.   This means the buyers that we see in these “slower” months are often super aggressive - willing to write strong, compelling offers that make a seller simultaneously jump & weep for joy.  There may be fewer buyers, but they make up for the lower numbers with a supreme gusto to GET.THE.HOUSE.

In our experience with this market, waiting until summer may mean that you have more showings and may even mean that you have more offers... but it does not in any way guarantee that you will net more than you will this winter/early spring.

Do you have a question you’ve been dying to ask?  Send your question to sarah@ReeceHomes.com and we’ll be sure to get an answer to you!